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Are you looking for home based work? There are some great advantages working from your own home and not having to fight the daily grind of commuting back and forth to another location. Avoiding “traffic” is probably the most relished luxury of having a business that creates home based work. Next to that is arguably the ability to throw away the alarm clock!

It’s interesting to me as I look back over my career and reminisce the beginnings of my current business and the illusions I had about business needs. Some of which caused me to spend unnecessary amounts of money, only to learn that things could have been handled differently with an alternative (possibly better) outcome. What started as home based work was quickly moved out to my first real “office” of just over 500 square feet!

After having started at home (sometimes referred to as a garage operator) and then moving to a storefront. I did grow even more rapidly, in size of my office and in personnel. Within a matter of months I went from 500 square feet with two employees, to 1400 square feet with five employees. My home based work had turned into a full blown business with additional responsibilities that began to take up a great deal of my time. Which in turn I hired another employee to “manage” those matters and delegate various tasks to other individuals.

A few years later we out grew those facilities and moved within the same complex to a larger area of 3400 square feet. Of course this added more employees and additional “business” needs that had me questioning why I moved my home based work in the first place! After eight years of driving back and forth to work, paying monthly lease payments and dealing with other distractions. I downsized!

Having located another place in a somewhat rural area I moved my residence and workplace, to a single piece of property. Combing my home front with my business practice has been the best move for my type business. I do understand that certain businesses need their own space and location. One that is completely separate from ones living quarters. I just happen to have the good fortune of a business model that allows me to run it from almost any location, providing I have access to a telephone, mailbox (UPS) and now the Internet!

I now have a 2400 square foot building that sits completely separate from my residence. It faces another direction with its own private entrance and private address. This provides me with all the benefits of having a real “office”, while enjoying home based work!

The best advice I can offer you, find a mentor! Get with someone whom you know has been successful and has the credibility to teach you (preferably lead you), about your business venture. Choosing to work from home and have home based work should be treated like a real business. We’ve all heard and/or read, treat your business like a hobby and you’ll get paid like a hobby. However, treat it like a business and in return, you’ll get paid like a business! I suggest to you, that’s what you want!! To get paid for your efforts and get paid what your worth.

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Finding Legitimate Data Entry Home Based Work

Is data entry home based work for you? You should find the right employer online.

This is the internet era. Skills and labor are available online to potential employers and businesses at much lower costs. Geographic location is not anymore a limiting factor. You would find that more organizations and businesses outsource most of their data entry tasks to freelance workers who prefer to work from home. This is because they could save a lot of money by not hiring permanent personnel to do particular tasks. Thus, anyone who is home-based should find a data entry home based work.

Businesses usually aim to save on operating costs. By hiring home-based workers, they are able to save on acquisitions of necessary furniture and computers. They would avoid incurring utility bills, particularly high electric expenses. Data entry home based work is compensated per record (data collection file). You should take this as an opportunity.

Experts recommend such work especially if you are not excellent at anything else. You should realize that although many people find such jobs as good paying, the pay rate could not be as good as you expect. If you are used to getting paid by about tens to hundreds of dollars per hour, in data entry at home, you could only expect to get paid at about $10 per hour at the maximum. You may not have the bargaining power to demand for higher rates because online employers could hire other workers who agree to the pay structure.

As you search for such work, always remember to assess your own skills and expertise. For instance, you could take orders from designing companies if you are familiar with procuring orders that are pertinent to designing. If you are familiar about medical or legal jargons and concepts, you may take medical or legal transcription jobs (usually they are higher paying than other data entry jobs).

You need to find and take a work that is legitimate. Many home-based and online workers complain about being victimized by scammers who abound across the internet. Be sure your online employer would be able to pay you for the data entry home based job you render. Do adequate backgrounds check about the company before taking orders. One way to do so is to contact the telephone numbers provided on websites to verify if they indeed exist. Do not be easily lured by promises of high salaries. Do not fall into employers who ask for fees for processing of your job application.

Is home based work for you? Now is the time you find the right employer who could pay you for the services you would render from home. It is better to earn income no matter how small the rate is than not earn anything at all while you stay at the comfort of your home.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Based Work

While this may be true for a lucky few, the truth is that working from home is just as much work is working from an office. There are many advantages to working from your home-based office, but there are some things you should consider before taking the plunge. The following are a few of the advantages and disadvantages of home-based work.

Working from home allows you to set your own hours. While this can be a definite advantage as well, many people don’t realize that working from home can also consume much of their leisure time. After all, when your office is just a few steps from your bedroom it can be tempting to work around the clock.

Working from home has different expenses. When you work from your home office, you’ll save money on commuting, buying lunches, and likely even save money on your wardrobe. But when you work from your own home office, you will have to pay for your own supplies, ensure your technology is up to date, and will likely have to provide things such as your own phone line, office equipment, and office supplies.

Your home office reflects who you are. For people who are inspired by an office at home full of creative ideas, a great view, or even just easy access to the kitchen, working from home can improve productivity. However, if organization is not your strong point, your office can quickly become a cluttered mess. Before you begin working from your home, be sure to come up with a plan for organizing your new home business office.

A home-based office puts you close your family. While certainly an advantage for those hoping to save money on day care, work when the kids are at school, or even care for a very young child while still working, being close to your family can also become a major distraction. Many people don’t take into account the fact that working from a home is still working, and they may not spend enough time focusing on their work when family members around. Be sure you can carve out time to work without interruption to ensure you get everything done.

Working from home means never having to deal with an obnoxious coworker face-to-face. While this can be a great advantage for those who work best when they can control their environment, they can also become a hassle when it becomes difficult to get in touch with the people you need to talk to. Luckily, improvements in office technology mean that you can take advantage of tools such as videoconferencing to get the face time you need to make working from home work for you.

Your office will need regular upgrades to keep you competitive. Whether this software, printers, your computer, phone systems, or the latest office equipment, you will need to keep your office modern in order to ensure it has all the tools you need for a successful home-based business. While you will have to purchase these items yourself, you can make the most of your business dollar by comparing prices and shopping carefully.

What is certainly advantages and disadvantages of home-based work, you can make your home office work for you as long as you consider carefully what you need to make your office productive. There are many home-office ideas available that can help you with everything from organization to technology. When you start working from home, it’s important become an expert in what you’re home-based office needs to succeed. Luckily spending a little bit of time doing research on home-office ideas will allow you to create the perfect office at home for you.

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